We are a small family-owned business with a passion for finding, buying, and selling LAND!   
I am a full-time Firefighter/Paramedic in the Denver metro area with a love for the outdoors, hunting, hiking, skiing, and camping.  
How did we get into this and why?  
I love camping and I wanted a private place as my own that I could return to and build a nice campsite that was always available. I planned on building and living there one day and then marriage and family happened. I sold the property and retained a profit. I thought, “that was fun and easy”. So, I turned around and bought more land because I then became addicted to owning it and didn’t feel right without a place to go to.  Then friends started asking me to find land for them.  
Now, I have become addicted to finding and acquiring land for people and I’d like to help you. As a veteran I strive to serve you with the integrity I served our nation with. Join our mailing list, look through our available properties, and contact us today for your very own place on the earth!